Refrigeration Plant Design

Expertise and experience are absolutely indispensable for the design of a safe, cost effective, and energy efficient large-scale industrial refrigeration system to which high standards apply, especially if a blast freezing unit or freezers and chillers are planned.

There are no “standard” refrigeration systems. Each time, the new ideal combination of equipment & suppliers needs to be found in order to design the best and most energy efficient system. Also, the ideal refrigerant will differ in each specific situation and can either be ammonia, freon, CO2, other natural refrigerants or a combination.

Refplantdesign 04 Refplantdesign 03 Refplantdesign 02

A principal and rough design and cost estimation can be done in the pre-design stage. However, since additional information to calculate the "heat load" is often available later, this is often done during step #2, the final design and engineering phase.

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