Tendering & Construction Supervision

Considering the highly specialized and labor-intensive nature of this phase #3, it can only begin when the client is 100% determined to go ahead with the project. Many detailed drawings have been made and in combination with the construction specifications in the tender documents, these drawings will guarantee well-comparable quotations.

Subsequently, in consultation with the client, a short list of possible suppliers will be formulated and the received quotations evaluated. The final negotiations with the suppliers are mostly handled by the client, with the experts on hand to provide any requested detailed information.

During construction, ColdStoreDesign.com can assist in the construction management. The daily supervision is normally the responsibility of local architects and engineers. At crucial stages in the construction process (min. 5 and max. 9), our specialists will come over to supervise the activities of contractor and sub-contractors. Further, the local architect will report to and consult with ColdStoreDesign.com frequently and specialized engineers will also be present during the completion of the building.

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