Final Design & Engineering

Proper feedback from the client in the design phase forms the input for Step #2: architecture, final design, and detailed engineering - which will be approached by in a multi-disciplinary way.
This phase kicks off with adjusting the pre-design drawings, presenting a reliable and rather detailed invenstment overview, and drafting the final Program of Demand. ALL approved by the client.

Insulation of the floor, quality of roof and walls, energy consumption, and fire protection are all big issues. The architects work closely together with the Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Refrigeration Engineers to guarantee the client a functional, cost-effective solution for the short and long term.

Feel free to ask an overview of the extensive list of deliverables. The output will enable clients to exchange thoughts with internal parties. For all external potential suppliers of materials, these drawings will be part of the tenderingg documents. All suppliers will put in offers based on exactly the same information and drawings, so the offers can be compared in phase #3.

For a concrete Pre-Design offer, please fill out the special form. For background on the design and engineering team, click here