Concept design or Pre-Design

The pre-design or concept-design is a perfect low-budget activity to klick off the whole process of design, engineering, and construction of logistics infrastructure, because it will give the entrepreneur/investor good insight in potential revenue and total project investment. All this for a limited and fixed fee.

Especially in the very early stages, when there is not yet a real project, it offers much added value if one can discuss the feasibility with partners or investors, based on a professional design and a reliable estimation of the total investment. It is a solid base for meeting with shareholders and banks.

What in your particular situation is needed from depends strongly on what has been or can be done by yourself and where you need assistance of specialists. The Pre-Design services offered to clients (see overview below) are grouped in 4 different categories.

(1) Description of the proposed concept
Many clients have no vision or clear idea (often called concept) in mind yet. For instance on what logistic services to offer, to what parties in the local market, what products/commodities to expect and what temperatures/condition to create. If that is the case, we develop such a specific, customized concept based on your given input and on our expertise and experience.
(2a) Design drawings
This is of course the heart of our offer where it all comes together. Drawings are very well to understand for everyone. One has the choice of just the layout or additionally a cross sectional and/or 3-dimensional drawing.
(2b) Including description/explanation
This part is normally always connected to (2a) and will give the client insight in what alternatives have been considered, why certain choices have been made and what the advantages are of proposed options or solutions.
(3) Refrigeration plant design
Can be part of the pre-design but often the client decides to postpone this to Step # 2 (final design and engineering) because in general serious changes are made after the pre-design and changes in volumes (in/out of the cold store), products and future client base have great impact on the “heat load” calculation, the base for each refrigeration system design. 
(4) Cost estimation
Each client wants this rough estimation of the to be expected total investment. Can be delivered in 4 amounts covering 4 groups or one total amount which saves the client some money.

For a concrete Pre-Design study offer, please fill out the special Pre-Design Offer Form and indicate what you want to be covered in the Pre-Design Study by ticking (V) the number of boxes. The fee will be determined by the level of detail required. There is a lot in between the minimum (just the facility layout) and the full package. It will strongly depend on your particular situation.

Feel free to ask our advise on this by email or phone at +31 651 363270

(1) Description of the concept
• Suggestion on current and future target groups/markets
• Proposed services and their operational requirements
• Suggestions on what products/commodities to handle
• Proposal on what temperature environments to offer
• Logistic processes and optimal routings within the plant
• Estimation of volumes/tonnages in, out and throughput
• Some international and/or regional benchmarks
• Thoughts on feasibility of the project
• Suggestions on future revenue/profitability opportunities
• Project comments from an international perspective

(2a) Design drawings
• Layout of the total facility
• Cross sectional drawing
• 3-D (dimensional) picture
(2b) Including description/explanation of design drawings
• Calculation of total facility dimensions
• Suggestions on how to best position facility on the plot of land
• Suggestions for expansion, next phases or future services 
• Temperature zones
• Types of cold rooms and dimensions
• Type/dimensions of social rooms, wash rooms, engine room, etc.
• Suggestions on how/where to position offices, social rooms, etc.
• Type/dimensions of offices
• Proposed racking and material handling systems
• Eventual specific requirements for lift trucks
• Dimensions of loading/unloading area
• Calculation of number of docks and type of loading bays
• General suggestions on food safety and food quality aspects/HACCP
• General suggestions on workers´ safety and security measures

(3) Refrigeration plant design
• Cooling capacity; requirements per cooling/freezing room
• Estimated annual electricity consumption in KWH
• Shortlist refrigerants
• Recommendation and description refrigeration system
• Principle drawing of the refrigeration plant
• Rough estimation of refrigeration plant investment

(4) Cost estimation
• Rough estimation of investment; one total amount or
• Rough estimation of investment; divided in 4 main groups/amounts